Smalfiland is our Life Project.

The Smalfiland Project is the UNIQUE opportunity to become part-owners, at no expense in a Social Network in order to revolutionize the traditional concept of corporate ownership by exploiting the tremendous opportunities offered by new technologies.

Smalfiland is the project on which we have been working on intensively for years and for which we set up the powerful Online Network consisting of a vast international network of Social Manager Affiliates worldwide.

To be brief, the Smalfiland Project is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Smalfiland educates you
    Smalfiland is the Social Network that forms you because all our members can attend free online courses to become Programmers, Web Masters, Marketing Consultants, Creative Digital Consultants and more.
  • Smalfiland pays you
    Smalfiland is the Social Network that PAYS YOU because each month a proportion of the turnover is divided between all Affiliates based on each one’s Social Qualification.
  • Smalfiland is YOURS
    Smalfiland is the Social Network of which YOU ARE the OWNER because the 45% of shares are owned by all of the Affiliates in proportion to the “Social Qualification” that you are able to reach.


To make the Project Smalfiland objective

seem clearer, here’s a true story …

It’s the story of Bonnie Brown who appeared some time ago on the well-known newspaper La Repubblica and who soundly gives this clear version of the story :


THE REPUBLIC: “So I gave massages in Google and became a millionaire”

And ‘The story of a masseuse hired at the beginning when the company had only 40 employees. She worked part-time but her stock options were recently valued at several million dollars.

SAN FRANCISCO – “The pay was decent, though not great, but the people were nice and to complement the $450 per week, stock options of the newly opened company were also added”.

So Ms. Bonnie Brown took the job in 1999, becoming a part-time masseuse in a start-up in California, to give relief to the backs and necks of engineers who spent their days in front of computers.

The start-up was in a company called Google, which has now become part of history and those stock options which at the time were worth so little that Bonnie hardly even considered them, have now become her fortune.

Five years later, Bonnie retired – at age 52 – with several million dollars in her pocket!

“the massages are carried out in her vast villa in Nevada and it has a Pilates personal trainer”, she tells the New York Times.

Ordinary stories from Silicon Valley? Yes and no: the years of the net economy boom have made fortunes for many of the lucky ones who have found work in Netscape or Yahoo, but, Google’s growth rate remains unmatched.

On Tuesday, the stock broke through every record to get to reach a share price of $ 747.24, before falling back, settling at $ 663.97 per share, on Friday night. This year the growth was 44 per cent, amounting to $ 203 a share.

Of course, those were the beginnings: the employees numbered just 40 and the adventure had just started.

Today it is more difficult for a new entrant to Google (a “Noogler”, in the company jargon) to have access to thousands of stock options for small sums.

However, business is still going great even if the company’s philosophy is to not only look after the economic upside – the informal Google motto is “Don’t be evil”.

Bonnie, however, is in good company: there is no precise calculation of multi-millionaires created by the Google miracle, but there are about a thousand employees who received stock options for over $5 million.


Well, here ends the story of Bonnie, but from here on you can start your OWN story if you decide to become an Affiliate Smalfiland and participate in the dissemination of our project and the internationalization of our Social Network.


What does the story of Bonnie Brown have

in common with you and with the Smalfiland Project?

ID-100417799 For decades we have discussed about differentiating wages according to the performance of companies and the merits of workers, allowing them to participate in corporate earnings and shareholders become shareholders in accordance with transparent and meritocratic procedures.

I conceived and developed the Smalfiland Project solely intended for this purpose. The Project Smalfiland fact aims to involve all Affiliates in business development, making them agents of their own destiny instead of just disinterested spectators.

I founded Smalfiland in January 2014 and to date we have been appreciated in Italy as the “Social Network of Education.”

Now, to facilitate a rapid international development of this new Social Network, the intention is to constiitute the “Smalfiland” Company granting, at no charge, 45% of corporate relevance to Affiliates.

In practice Smalfiland will be a company owned by the Affiliates that will become an active part of the company policy with the concrete aim of incrementing the value of the shares of the new company.

The methods, times and procedures will be explained in detail in the next step of this exciting project which aims to give the maximum impetus to the development of Smalfiland until finally bringng the company to the stock exchange and eventually going public.

In particular, the time will be dictated by the speed with which we will achieve the objectives and achieve the intermediate goals that can be summarized in these seven steps:


1. Multilanguage Online Conferences

Realization of a series of online conferences in several languages, aimed at coordinating the work of Affiliates and help them to penetrate foreign markets without the need for them to know the language spoken in that country.

In this way, the Affiliates will be easier to reach the top of the Qualifications of Social Smalfiland and our Social Network will be able to more easily reach the first medium-term objective (1,000,000 subscribers).

Reaching one million subscribers is crucial to raise funds from external donors giving company shares to banks and private investors in exchange for money and high level consultations that will lead Smalfiland to go public.


2. The 45% sale of equity shares

Upon reaching 1,000,000 subscribers I will proceed to the signing of a preliminary agreement with which I undertake to transfer free of charge the 45% of the shares of the Company Smalfiland to all Affiliates based on their Social Qualification according to this criterion:

  • 5% share divided among all the Project Managers;
  • 5% share divided among all the Area Managers
  • 5% share divided among all the Administrators;
  • 5% share divided among all Vice Presidents
  • 5% share divided among all Presidents
  • 5% share divided among all Founders
  • 5% share divided among all Word Founders

The decision to offer lots of company shares to Affiliates is linked to the prospective of giving a great boost to our Network Online.Over the next step you will be able better understand this system and especially appreciate the transparency and meritocracy.In particular I’ll explain what is the algorithm that defines the Social qualifications and thus be able to reward those who best interpret our project and enable us to evolve quickly.


3. Creating a special Platinum Advisors Team

ID-10071122 At this stage we need to stakeholders employees to business development to create added value to the Social.

For this reason we are developing a series of online training courses for free to Affiliates in order to make them Programmers and Creative Digital Consultants.

From these professional courses, 1,000 students will be selected, who will have the task of developing individual projects in relation to their personal attitudes.

Specifically, programmers will develop individual projects to strengthen our Social Network while the Creative Digital Consultants will create educational materials in all languages of the world.

For this reason, should you know a foreign language, do not waste time thinking about it because these 1000 people will converge in a special Team Platinum Advisors who will be entitled to receive an additional 10% of shares.

In particular Platinum Consultants also will be entitled to the division of dues as an Affiliate in relation to their Social Qualification (10% + 5% = 15%).


4. Constitution of the Smalfiland Company

No expenses will be incurred by the Affiliate who will proceed to the establishment of the Smalfiland Company with the simultaneous transfer of ownership of the site and all development activities, present and future, which will be fully discussed in the next step.


5. Use of external funders

Through the sale of a further 30% of corporate relevance to external funders, including through the use of innovative institution equity crowdfunding, they reperiranno capital and human resources of high professional level that can help us create the conditions and prepare the listing of Smalfiland companies on the stock exchange.

Essentially The equity crowdfunding is a method of financing that enables unlisted companies to raise funds from the public in respect of shares.

It is not to be excluded even the use of kickstarter, the most popular existing crowdfunding platform in the world, utilizing the model of the most congenial reward-based crowdfunding necessary to the type of development that Smalfiland desires to pursue.


6. Reliance assignment for the stock exchange listing

Choice of one or more institutional bodies to be entrusted with the task of initiating the procedures for the listing of shares of Smalfiland. This are obviously very high level professional procedures and that’s why we have chosen large banking institutions with high expertise in this area.


7. Formulation of CORPORATE SHARES transfer


Within a period of six months from the date of listing on the stock exchange Smalifland will proceed to the sale of the shares to Affiliates as preliminary and as a situation of Online Network agreement photographed at 23:59 pm on the last day of the month preceding the IPO .

This is a general program that may be subject to change if circumstances should deem it necessary. Any variations will be notified to all members.


How much can we earn from this project?

This is a question that can not be answered easily because everything depends on two key factors:

1. Social status

The first factor is the “Qualification Social” you have at the moment in which you will enter into a definitive agreement, and we will proceed with the sale of the shares. To be more specific, it depends on what your Social Qualification is at 23:59 pm on the last day of the month prior to the IPO.

The Smalfiland Career Plan serves to determine this parameter and this is the main reason why I chose to engage in business development Affiliates and motivate them heavily with the release of substantial shareholdings.

As an affiliate you will be part of an army on that day, automatically using Robowos, flooding the web with articles written in all languages and which will have the sole objective of increasing the number of members on our Social Network through your link hence increasing your Social Qualification.

So you’ll have to understand these concepts by reading the next step. The concept that instead must pass in this step is that in the era of social networks to create global company happens in times and ways never seen before, especially if they are made SHARING projects with strongly united people interested in business development.

2. Market Capitalisation

ID-100310504 The second factor is the “Market Capitalisation” that Smalfiland will manage to obtain and which will be represented by the value that day after day, all together, we can give to our Social Network.

Our reference to such an aim is Facebook, this is their story:

Facebook, founded in 2004, a few months later received the first funding from Peter Thiel (founder of Pay Pal) and with $ 500,000 acquired 10.2% of the company.

After three years, in 2007, Microsoft acquired a 1.6% stake by paying 240 million dollars. The Social is growing every day more and more and increases its spread like wildfire.

In 2011, Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world, invests in Facebook 450 Million dollars.

In 2012 Facebook goes public with a price of $ 38 per share to a total aggregate value of the Social Network of 104 billion dollars, marking the highest debut ever recorded of a company on the stock market.

Today, after just three years from the IPO, Facebook shares are traded over $ 80, and its market capitalization of nearly 230 BILLION dollars.


This is the history of Facebook but there is

another story yet to be written …. that of Smalfiland!

post 1 We do not have a “Peter Thiel” who, with $ 500,000 acquires 10.2% of the company and allows us to finance its development.

But we will have the Team Platinum Advisors who will help us develop Smalfiland and that’s why the Team Platinum earns 10% more in shares.

If we can be certain and constant, we too will eventually go public in 10 years on the stock exchange and have a market capitalization identical to that of Facebook.

Imagine if, thanks to the sale of shares that will be recognized for your work Affiliate, I should be able to get just 0.001% of the share capital. Your company share would be worth about $ 2.3 million.

Or if you think through our free training courses we could become one of our 1000 Creative Digital Programmers or who will be entitled to 0.01% share. Your company share would be worth less than 27 million dollars.

I think I’ve said enough to get you to read the next step with care. This is the Smalfiland Project and Robowos is the tool to make it known around the world through social networks.

It is not a utopia, we are already doing it!

It ‘s just a very ambitious project that has prompted me to study a well-structured strategic plan. It seems difficult? Yes, it would be if we did not have the Network Online and Robowos

I can imagine the swirl of questions going through your mind at this time, but you’ll better understand by reading the next step of this exciting project that can potentially affect millions and millions of people …

  • Who isn’t interested in registering on a social network that educates you at no cost and that enables you to become a Professional of the new technologies?
  • Who isn’t interested in registering on a social network that relies on individual projects will be developed in relation to business objectives and taking account of your personal skills?
  • Who isn’t interested in enrolling on a Social Network that enables you to be a company owner that you yourself have helped to promote as an Affiliate?
  • Who isn’t interested in registering on a social network that entitles you a further fee if you enter the Corporate Team Platinum and helping you to develop individual business plans?
  • Who isn’t interested in registering on a social network that allows you to perceive a monthly annuity meritocratic growing year after year based on the company’s turnover?
  • Who isn’t interested in taking ownership of a company with virtually unlimited potential for growth?


As you’ll read in the next step, our project is successful because SIMPLICITY is ‘the best strategy and SHARING is our non-conventional weapon …

We are in the era of social networks, but yet few realize what this means for all humanity. Their widespread use as a communication tool opens borders still not fully viewable.

The world is changing, we are at the beginning of a digital revolution, such as the industrial one in the 50’s and like the IT in the 90’s Every revolution is a UNIQUE opportunity for the “outsider.”

People with no particular names nor history come from nowhere without anyone being aware of them. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator, is just the latest arrival. There are more to come.

We are experiencing epic changes intended to upset both economic and social balance of entire nations. We are at the beginning of ‘Digital Age, and we are in the Internet Revolution … it is our “perfect storm”!


Build Your Own Life Project together with us!


A warm greeting from Michele Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland



PS: This is the first in a series of steps that will guide you in an exciting concentrate of corporate strategies. Do not miss the boat and eventually you’ll get an overview without which it will be difficult for you to stay focused.

Feel free to read this article to your closest friends inviting them to take part in our project, if you find it ignite their interest and their enthusiasm.

Waiting for the next step, I invite you to participate in conferences where, every Tuesday at 21:00, I provide assistance to all Affiliates Smalfiland.