facebook-logo-2015aWith over 1.2 BILLION subscribers worldwide, Facebook is the most visited Social Network in absolute. About 1/6th of the world population uses it.

The main difference between Facebook and other Social Networks is that many contacts are real in that they are people who usually know each other in real life. They can be friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances.

What you post on Facebook it is set to be judged and commented on, with or without you. And ‘why Facebook is Social Network that best fits to the “Reproof Principle”.

The majority of people are more willing to take an interest in something if many others do, and firstly, their friends. The Principle of Reproofing again is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

In an extremely simplistic fashion, Network takes the form of phrases like: “I know a person who does, who was there, who uses it, and such and such uses that, etc.”.

This is the so-called “Social Network Reproof” without which most people do not decide. E ‘for this reason that Facebook makes us always see the “Like” our friends.


Using the Cover Image to do Branding

Unlike other Social Networks, on Facebook there is a table of contents with immediate visibility which profiles you and indicates what you do. You can use the Information section but it is not immediately visible.

For this reason, we will simply strengthen the Brand “Smalfiland” adding the image of the company cover page that includes our logo..

You can copy the image of the cover containing the Smalfiland logo from any of the Facebook profiles of the most active Smalfers.i.

If you are unable to use your Facebook profile, or simply do not want to use it to do marketing, you can create a parallel profile dedicated exclusively to Smalfiland Affiliates..


How to reach your target on Facebook

As usual, before starting to intercept your audience on Facebook you always have to ask yourself:

  1. What is my Target?
  2. Where can I find it?

The best way to reach your target is to get into many groups on Facebook by entering keywords related to your business in the search field at the top left.

If the groups are open, to sign up, simply click on “Join Group” and for closed groups must wait for the moderator to accept your request.

Once you join a group you can apply two different marketing strategies:

  1. You can publish an article in each group of your interest.
  1. Ask friendship to all those who are enrolled in these groups because they have the same interests. They belong exactly to the Target you are looking for. Their interests coincide with ours … making a social network

Use groups to enlarge Your Network Online and to increase the number of your points on Smalfiland, since Facebook is worth 7 points per contact. But do not exaggerate…

  • Do not post more than one article per week in groups because you might be taken for a spammer and be excluded from the group;
  • Do not ask for more than 10 friends a day because Facebook blocks the profiles of those who make too many friend requests in a short time span. Start by those with whom you have mutual friends.


Create your first Facebook Event

To publicize what we do and what we offer, Robowos will publish your article on your Facebook wall on a daily basis.

Another way to advertise for free on Facebook is simple and effective use of the “Events” tool.

To create an “Event Advertising” just click on the “other”, then on “Events” and then “CREATE EVENT.” Then enter these fields:

  • NAME: Title that captures the attention and arouse interest.
  • DETAILS: Enter a more detailed description of your event, always trying to give a good reason to participate
  • WHERE: (Your Country);
  • WHEN: Enter a short term date (2 to 3 days);
  • PRIVACY: Enter “Publish”.

Add more information if required and click on “CREATE”, insert the cover image and publish a post explaining the details and that it contains “call to action”.

There remains just one last thing to do: to invite all your friends with just one click!

To avoid losing time inviting friends one by one, there is an application that allows you to invite all your friends with just one click.

The application is called “Select all FB”, here’s how:

  1. Go to Google and enter “Chrome Web Store”
  2. Click on the Chrome Web Store and you will enter the Store
  3. Enter “Select all FB” in the internal search engine
  4. Find “Select all FB” free version
  5. Download it and will appear in the top bar
  6. Once you have created the event, click on invites
  7. Next click on the App you find in the bar
  8. Click on Run and your contacts will be invited
  9. Close the window that invites you to do anything else
  10. You’ll see all your contacts spring up, check them and send

Congratulations … With a single click you make your event known to thousands of people!


Where are we taking you ? Scenarios and perspectives …

This step closes the topic “Social Network”. We are present like no other on the 4 most powerful Social Network world, we do not need anything else as far as the Social Marketing Automated.

In your WOS, the NETWORK ONLINE section, there is a table of numbers that everyone is able to express individually and the force that we can all express together.

It ‘goes without saying’ that the higher the total number of contacts we are able to obtain, the greater our capacity to penetrate the market with strategies that other marketers only even dream of.

It is for this reason that the bigger your personal online network, the greater your share in the ‘company ownership’, and the greater the reward that you will receive according to the number of your points – your “Quality Score.”

Your commitment, within our commitment, must be to increase the total number day after day, month after month, to make sure that you have a powerful and unreachable marketing industry.

A warm greeting from Michael Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland


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