2a4d8_b265The Green Team Smalfiland is a unique, powerful and granite range of “Digital Brains” engaged in an extraordinary Corporate Project reserved for people sharing a passion for the Web and one great vision.

As in all the projects we are developing, our vision is global and our mission remains fixed and unshaken … becoming World Market Leader in the production of 360 ° Online Services.

And ‘now widely it is known that the entire world economy is slowly but inexorably moving from offline to online, with particular reference to the world of services, training and advertising.

For those who are able to perceive this reality, the Internet is today and for decades to come the system easier, faster and less risky to start their own business globally.

Italy is a microscopic and insignificant slice of this huge global market and we Smalfiland we are now accustomed to seeing the world as one big online market yet to conquer.

To give a strong impetus to our international projects and achieve exceptional results otherwise not individuals, we are creating a special working team called TEAM GREEN …


Why join the Green Team Smalfiland?

The investments to be incurred for the start-ups, for premises and furnishings, as well as the costs incurred for the employment of staff and the company management are unfortunately the reasons that most are discouraged from starting up traditional companies.

On the contrary, the Internet allows anyone to start and run a business without investing huge capital. Internet is the only industry that knows no crisis and is growing both turnover and number of new opportunities.

Enter our Green Team is to take part like a true hero in all the projects we have already well underway without having to invent anything new, with no employees to pay and thus not subject to business risks.

Enter our Green Team enables you to leverage our brand and benefit from our Formula Commercial relying on the entire Web Marketing system already applied successfully by Smalfiland.

Our Formula Commercial includes the full transfer of our know-how that is the set of technologies and expertise, and marketing and the full utilization of our software, trademarks and logos.

Basically, you put at the disposal of your time and we’ll transfer our know-how and all the tools and technical platforms needed to start your own business on the web at no cost.


What are the advantages reserved to the Green Team?

Enter the Green Team means to apply leverage to our projects and our know-how without investing anything.

Join our Green Team means to run a business independently but in the same image of Smalfiland. You have your own online business but you also represent Smalfiland as if it were a contract to a free franchise.

This special Team are given particular advantages including:

  1. Assigned Forced Matrix to increase earnings
  2. 100% Bonus Quality score
  3. More Direct Earnings
  4. Free Smalfiforex course 2 hours
  5. Registered Access to theTraining Area
  6. Confidential Conferences and ability to access the Team Platinum


1. Assigned Forced Matrix

Anyone wanting to subscribe to Smalfiland, wherever he or she may be, can do so through one of the many items that the Robowos manages on the Web.

However, every day Smalfiland also receives uninvited persons who access it directly from the site. These new members are automatically assigned in rotation with forced matrix to all members of the Green Team to which an email notification is sent.

Soon, with the growth of our media exposure on the network, also will increase the number of people who voluntarily enroll Smalfiland of how, in the past, spontaneously have registered on Facebook to gradually growing its reputation.

As part of the Green Team will be provided so entrusted some spontaneous enrolled automatically. In practice, the WOS will insert them directly into your team by growing your own Qualification Social and as a result, your pension meritocratic.


2. 100% Bonus Quality score

As you know, the yield on merit provided by our earnings plan is also based on the Quality Score reach later this month. Each month, the Green Team receive a 100% bonus on your score.

This means that from the moment he joined the Green Team, automatically and in real time the WOS starts to double your numbers in the “Quality Score” column in the Online Network.

So the greater the number of your contacts on social, the higher the Quality Score Bonus that you will receive later this month and the higher your monthly statement.


3. More Direct Earnings

Besides all of that provided by our Plan Gains, entering the Green Team will be recognized you additional monthly commissions on your direct members.

In particular, each month you can perceive three additional percentage on the turnover generated by the subscribers due to your affiliate link:

  1. 30% on Membership Team Green;
  2. 50% on Advertising Ads;
  3. 45% on Collective Smalfiforex Courses;


4. Freeware Course Smalfiforex 2 hours

The Smalfiforex Method is a system that allows anyone to have a certain return regardless of what happens in the markets because, unlike other trading systems, my method is based on mathematics and not on traditional and difficult trading techniques.

A tutto il Team Verde viene offerto un corso gratuito di 2 ore in cui vengono insegnate le nozioni di base del Forex.

Around the Green Team, at an exclusive price, the Smalfiforex Method is taught by accessing a series of videoconferences that allow you to be part of a very private club in which to acquire practical, gradual and complete training.

With the method Smalfiforex the Green Team becomes the community where you can learn the art of Forex easily and fast. The place in which to acquire a method that encompasses within it the opportunity for everyone to be part of a close-knit team of people designed to become, themselves, professional traders or Forex trainers.


5. Registered Access to Training Area

As a member of the Green Team can follow an advanced training course, completely free of charge designed to make you Web Consultant, Programmer, Web Master, Creative Digital and more.

Just log in to the Reserved Area of ​​our site and watch a series of videos recorded by our team trainers to allow you to have a gradual and continuing education. Along with Video Tutorials you will also receive a series of Operating Manuals which serve to have a written record to be used during the practical exercises.

Put together, all the advice and insights to which you have access they are an extraordinarily simple training plan, clear and well designed that anyone can follow and apply immediately.


6. Confidential Conferences and ability to access the Team Platinum

The Green Team is a group dedicated exclusively to the creation of a Corporate Project in which all the members help each other and Team Trainers feeds the entire system. If you want to be part of it prepared to absorb this philosophy.

Never, as in this enterprise, the friendships and the pursuit of a common goal are able to exponentially multiply the results for all.

As a member of the Green Team will be able to participate in an extraordinary series of in-depth lectures and online assistance carried out by our team trainers.

You will be part of a club where experts, no investment, no experience and no qualifications be able to learn, with a very simple and stress-free, all the secrets of the Digital World revealed in a practical way.


How much does all this cost for you?

Just remember this: you would spend no less than € 3,000 to be able to take advantage and attend a series of comprehensive courses like ours and NOT even with the same level of assistance;

Do you think any other company would allow you to apply leverage to its brand and its reputation to carry out your personal online activities;

If you think anyone in the world would give you the same opportunities and the same assistance that, on the contrary, we can give you to allow you to become immediately operational;

If you think about all this, you would think that the cost of this Membership should be PROHIBITED.

However, for the reasons that I’ll tell you later, I decided to fix the all inclusive membership fee to the “Green Team” at just €13.70 per month.


So, why so much education, so much care and so many tools at such a ridiculous price?….


The world is changing, we are at the beginning of a new revolution, such as the industrial revolution in the 50s and how that information in the 90’s. Every revolution presents a unique opportunity for the so-called “outsider.”

These people with no names, history that emerge from the fog without anyone being aware of them. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator, is just one example. There are always more to come!

We are experiencing epochal changes intended to upset the economic and social balance of entire nations. We are in the Internet Revolution and we are only at the beginning of a new era of communication through social networks …

It’s our “perfect storm”


But Smalfiland is still young. We are now interested in expanding Smalfiland beyond the restrictive national boundaries and make it a worldwide reality. Just for this reason, do not waste time thinking about it …

We need people from the comfort of their homes, they will be able to reach every part of the world with the power of new communication tools that technology makes available to us.

There will be times and ways to raise prices and achieve significant earnings, with great benefits to all those who believed in the Smalfiland project right from the first moment …


“How can I be part of the Green Team?”


Very simple!

Through a tiny subscription that can be cancelled at any time, you may acquire “Green Team Membership” and have access to a complete system from A to Z, which “takes you by the hand” and walks you through a practical and effective training program.


You will receive the training at home while sitting in the comfort of your sofa, through video tutorials and live conferences. You’ll receive many tips and have access to insights, information, software and platforms that represent the absolute best of what technology can offer today.

Being a member of the Green Team will give you everything you need. You will be part of a working community where everyone works individually but within a corporate strategy that goes well beyond the objectives to which the individual may aspire.

No special or previous experience is required to enter the Green Team Smalfiland other than to have a certain propensity for personal growth and teamwork.


What do I risk if I am not satisfied with my membership?


In fact you have nothing to lose and are so sure of the quality of this program that most of the risk is on my shoulders.

Try out Green Team membership for just one month to check out the quality and validity of our projects and the opportunity to earn and create a career Smalfiland can provide you with …

After that, you are free to continue your experience with us or not. Without any explanations, bureaucracy and no questions asked your cancellation is immediate with no further membership fees to pay!

My goal is not to earn on you, but it is to get in touch with proactive people who decide to help us all realize a project with virtually unlimited expansion capabilities.

My goal is to help you build Your Personal Company on the Web without you having to invest anything, without leaving your current job and having no bills to pay at the end of the month aside your membership fee.

My goal is to help you build Your Personal Company on the Web and put it alongside Smalfiland to eventually dominate the fields of Social Media Marketing worldwide.

From our knowledge, we know of no project of this kind in existence that gives so much training and even more, a chance to expand in this way. Do not try out other programs similar to this! Simply, this is the one and only such program in the world.

Do not let the IT miracle pass you by, become a protagonist!



Click and join us!


A warm greeting from Michael Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland