web-marketingOnline Advertising is very strong global expansion with a growth of over 20% per year and is designed to replace expensive and ineffective advertising media such as newspapers, radio, flyers, posters and other outdated methods.

Thanks to our extensive network of Affiliates, in the coming years Smalfiland can easily succeed in attracting a large slice of this huge market that continues to drain capital and investments to old advertising systems.

Because a company, a professional or a private simpler should be convinced that advertising on Smalfiland I better do it on Facebook, Google or anywhere else?

Simple, because of Smalfiland the advertising space we are giving them almost …


Smalfiland of the clicks are FREE!

All companies that sell advertising space on the internet charge payments based on the number of clicks that are made on the ad.

The problem is that most of these clicks are performed by robots programmed to click anywhere there is an advertisement.

To avoid this, on Smalfiland we do not charge clicks.

On Smalfiland we simply ask you for a small fee based on how many times an individual ad is displayed on a page opened by users.

Here below are our great deals for advertisers:

  • EUR 10 for 10,000 Views
  • EUR 20 for 20,000 Views 10,000 + FREE (total 30,000)
  • EUR 30 for 30,000 Views 20,000 + FREE (total 50,000)
  • EUR 40 for 40,000 Views 35,000 + FREE (total 75,000)
  • EUR 50 for 50,000 Views 55,000 + FREE (Total 100,000)
  • EUR 100 for 100,000 Views 200,000 + FREE (Total 300,000)


and all clicks are FREE!


There is no time limit to reaching the total number views. The speed and the completion of the advertising campaign depends on the frequency of visitors to our Social Network.

Depending on what one needs, the advertiser may change the advertising campaign at any time or replace it from scratch.

Similarly, the advertiser is free to suspend the campaign whenever he or she want to and restart it at any time thereafter.


How much can you earn with the ads in Advertising?

In order to increase the number of advertisements and retain our clients in the best way, we will ensure that our prices are always cheaper than the competition.

In this way we can increase the revenue to be included in the Budget Advertising in favor of all Smalfiland affiliates.

As you may have read in step 4, most of the revenue coming in from advertising is used to pay bank statements to our network of Affiliates.

In particular, our Affiliates receive two different types of commissions:

  • 25% of the total turnover of all advertising is inserted every month in “ADVERTISING BUDGET” for the benefit of all Affiliates who have activated Robowos
  • Also 50% of every single advertisement purchased by its direct members is paid to the Affiliate of the Green Team!

All Affiliates of the Green Team can thus promote publicity Advertising on Smalfiland and earn 50% of the Referral Fees! While 25% will go into the Budget Advertising for the benefit of all other Affiliates.


Why such a high percentage?


At the present time our competitors simply sell space on the Internet leaving advertisers in a sea of ​​confusion, without any guidelines and without even a simple service.

Smalfiland pays a very high percentage because the work of the members of the Green Team Affiliates does NOT finish there and then with the proposal, BUT it must be something that the advertiser is be able to appreciate immediately!

In fact you yourself will be able to create the ad so that the customer can see your ad campaign take shape before his eyes, and according to his or her wishes.

Soon the advertiser will realize that advertising on Smalfiland means access to a unique one of a kind 360 degree service that no other Social Network in the world is able to offer at present… not even Facebook.

In practice, the advertiser only pays the advertising space but gets much more … a real consulting service for FREE!

It is for this reason that our Green Team Affiliates receive a 50% commission on every single ad that is directly undertaken by its members.

In order to increase your monthly earnings you just have to increase your customer base and consequently your Direct Turnover, on which you will go on to receive a fixed percentage of 50% (net of Value Added Tax and PayPal).

The first ad, in your WOS appear the sale made, your commission and an updated list of your customers that remain of your expertise forever.

In order to receive the commission it is therefore necessary that the advertiser has joined Smalfiland through your link or has been assigned to you by the Forced Matrix.

Periodically just take a look at your customers, update their advertising campaigns and renew their listings on Smalfiland because you can continue to receive 50% on Direct Revenue.

Each new customer, each new listing, each renewal, any new payment will be commissions for you. The more customers you have, the more you earn, the more ads they do and the more you earn.


How to compile a ‘Listing’ Advertising

To compile and publish an advertisement on Smalfiland is very simple. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Create an Ad” at the top right of the Home Page …


  1. Choose the best advertising package based on the needs of your customer. Always explain to the customer that the more you invest in the advertising campaign, the higher the number of views that we will give FREE …


  1. Enter the advertising insertion describing it accurately and captivating.



  1. Choose the audience you want to reach with your ad by choosing age, sex, country and any city. If you enter more than one city be sure to include a comma between a name and the other. If you do not make any choice the ad will reach the entire audience of the Social Network.
    Finally add the date and start time. If there are no special requirements, we recommend you not to insert the campaign end date but simply to put a check mark in the box “Run my ad continuously from the starting date until expiry date.”


  1. Check the advertisement, and then click on the “Complete the Order” ..


  1. Next click on the “Pay with Paypal” icon and then allow it to be the customer to make the payment through his Paypal account …

After paying to see the ad must get back on Smalfiland, click “Create an Ad” and then click the top right button on “My Campaigns”.


Our next goal …

Step by step, we have now grown to become a “small army on the march” on the web with an Online Network consisting of MILLIONS of contacts and connections on the Internet.

In a few months we reached more than 2 MILLION contacts through our Robowos and with just one click, however the real turning point will be when we reach 10 MILLION contacts. Having exceeded 10 MILLIONS of contacts we won’t have any problems being noticed by the other mass media.

Once we have exceeded 10 MILLIONS of contacts, it will be easier to talk to us and to ramp up the number of members to reach the prophetic threshold of ONE MILLION Smalfers worldwide.

At that point we will have become a HUGE army of Affiliates around the world and we will finally be ready for the IPO – The Stock Market Quote that will allow us to raise the capital necessary to develop even more important projects and to create other sources of income for all of our Affiliates.

How fast we achieve this huge project is dependent on how many people are aiming to reach the same common objective and the Geometric Progression that emerges.

It is just a question of mathematics and only a matter of time. Today we are able to reach an audience of over 2 MILLION contacts online, but in a short time this is expected to become a BILLION …


Smalfiland, the world we want


A warm greeting from Michael Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland