Project Smalfiland was hard to think of and to start up, but from now everything is becoming more rapid and effective since we have the most intense complex and difficult work behind us.

From this moment on we intend to move along a well-defined strategic path ..very feasible and hardly without any difficulty as from now on we will have the WOS … our sensational Killer Application.

In computer jargon a “killer application” is an innovative technological application to which no one had yet thought of. The application of the competition is WINNING and DECISIVE.

In essence, the Killer Application technology is that application that allows a company to enter the market with a force that is immediately projected light years ahead of the competition.


What is our Killer App?

Our Killer Application is the WOS (Web Office Smalfiland), a Marketing Platform unparalleled on planet Earth that will allow you to improve your Social Qualification more rapidly.

You will learn about the WOS in the future but right now, you’re at the beginning of your path, you are encouraged to focus your attention only on three specific instruments on which the popularization strategy Project Smalfiland is based:

  1. The Network Online that has the purpose of infinitely enlarging our public and therefore the range of people that in time will be reached by our articles;
  2. The Robowos that aims to bring new members on Smalfiland through the continued publication of articles on major global Social Network;
  3. The Follow Up which, step by step, aims to guide all new members to the discovery of the Project Smalfiland up to take them to the creation of their personal Network Online..

The purpose of these three instruments is to work together to create and feed an endless circuit that will serve to spread our project like wildfire on the network.

Allow me to briefly explain these three powerful tools …


1. The unstoppable Network Online … “our audience”

The Network Online is “our audience” or the union of the online contacts for all Affiliates, and is specified in the table that you find in your WOS and that makes our quick marketing, flexible and very impactful.

If you stop to look at the Network Online you’ll see your numbers who join the numbers of all other Affiliates join, all together, in the Smalfiland Galaxy that is now growing exponentially.

If you let your mind run ahead, you’ll see those numbers become millions before and after billions, savoring the taste amazing to see the geometric progression of numbers become reality before your eyes.

You must learn to compare our Network Online to a TV on 24 hours a day and continuously sends the same commercials, without stopping, to an audience of over 5 MILLION people continues to rise.

This is exactly what I mean when I talk about Killer Application!


It is necessary that you also help to exaggerate this impressive tool by clicking on the small icons for each Social Network for your contacts to join in with those of thousands of other Affiliates worldwide.

Being present in the Online Network means having the right to receive the shares in a company according to the criterion described in Step 1.

Be present in the Online Network also means having the right to receive a monthly pension merit in relation to the Quality Score matured at the end of the month according to the following criteria:

  • Google + = 7 points
  • Twitter = 3 points
  • Linkedin = 5 points
  • Facebook = 7 points
  • Team Green = 100% bonus on the total score.

The first time you give permission to update your numbers, your name will appear in the list, and from that moment on you will be present in the monthly account as long as your Robowos is active.

To retrieve the numbers for your account statement it is necessary for Robowos to be active during the span of the month in course. Being present in the Online Network without promoting our Social does not help anyone.

Every day, take a few minutes of your time to grow your Quality Score because it will represent the value of your audience. Patience and consistency is the key.

Remember that an Online Network, once built, it is the perfect tool to dominate the Web in a field of expertise and position itself on the market with a force that other classical advertising channels don’t have.


2. L ‘Impressive Robowos … “our machine gun”

Our only and common commitment is to enlarge our staff Network Online on the major Social Networks worldwide. A Network Online that is in continuous and constant expansion everyday.

Robowos other hand is the instrument with which we can hammer our items on the boards of these powerful social networks to enable thousands of people to land directly on our registration pages Smalfiland.

In fact, with Robowos we we have already provided a series of perfectly structured pre-compiled and edited articles with the latest marketing techniques and already published on your blog …


You think you do not have a blog? Wrong … Robowos is your Automated Blog!

blog1Robowos è una straordinaria piattaforma software che consente ad ognuno di noi di avere un blog personale con articoli precompilati che vengono condivisi automaticamente su tutti i maggiori Social Network del mondo.

Senza che tu debba avere la benché minima esperienza di marketing o di programmazione, attivando Robowos inizierai ad usare il tuo blog in maniera professionale ed automatica per far crescere il numero dei tuoi iscritti.

Basta attivare Robowos per avere una costante presenza sui Social Media per tutta la vita. I tuoi articoli saranno pubblicati e rilanciati in quantità industriale anche mentre tu sei impegnato a fare pesca subacquea.

Robowos works for you and the Web will do the rest …

As soon as your name will appear in the Network Online, Robowos will be activated automatically and will start publishing in sequence of the items in these amounts:

  • Facebook: 1 item per day;
  • Twitter: 4 articles per day;
  • Linkedin: 4 articles per day;
  • Google +: Publication Manual.

So, if the Online Network is “our audience”, Robowos is the tool that allows us to reach with just one click through the automatic publication of the articles on our message boards.

One click is enough, just ONE, to make sure that your audience (small or large) is continually reached, day and night, from your shared items on bulletin boards of all social networks.

Rain or shine, Christmas or August, while you’re sleeping, or fishing, Robowos publishes and will continue to publish more than 40 articles that you find in your WOS (Web Office).

There are over 40 articles with your INCORPORATED affiliate link that will be published NATURALLY in a rota and automatically on your message boards for a single purpose: Bringing potential members of Smalfiland through your affiliate links enabling your team to grow faster …

  • The larger your team and the higher your Social Qualification!
  • The higher your qualification Social and more numerous company shares you will get!
  • The higher your qualification Social the higher your meritocratic earnings later this month!


3. Follow Up … “our guide”

The third tool used to complement our popular science strategy is the Follow Up This is an automated system releasing a sequence of emails intended to guide you in a precise location information.

In practice, when a person signs up for Smalfiland through your invitation, automatically you receive a series of emails that explains the Smalfiland project explaining these same steps that at this moment you are reading.

Thus, you will not need to explain the Smalfiland Project to your subscribers. We think the automated system of our Follow Up to take on this same step by inviting them to activate Wos and Robowos.

This way your team and, consequently, your qualification Social increases automatically without you having to do anything in particular except increase the number of your contacts in the Network Online … which we will teach you this part in the next step. 


Look beyond your limits!


Italy represents an insignificant and MICROSCOPIC slice of this huge global market and this is why we will use social networks to open ourselves to the world, without limits of space or language barriers.

You don’t speak any foreign languages?
Do not worry or think about your limits and do not make excuses for “not doing”. Think only of Enlarging your Online Network more and more …

Smalfiland is the place where to help and be helped. Without limits, without negative thoughts, envy or reservations. From here on, we’ll help you feel a protagonist of a globalized world, no limits!.

In a globalized market, we can not have limits. That is why in the future we will provide all the tools necessary to reach a wider audience and create our GLOBAL project.

Why render our project GLOBAL?

Google acknowledged its employees thousands of shares in stock options with had a value close to zero (just like those of Smalfiland today).

With the debut on the stock exchange each share was sold at a price of $ 100 and today each share is worth almost $ 600. This is the reason why stock options have made Bonnie Brown a millionaire.

Google, a company that until 16 years ago did not even exist, now has an almost double value over the fair value of all Italian banks put together, some of which have a ultra secular history.

In the era of Internet and Social Network creating global business actually takes place in times and ways never envisaged before, especially if achieved with the collaboration of focused individuals.

Over the past decade examples of this genre have become common because investors perceive their capacity and growth prospects, being able to estimate a company’s success in the years to come.

Development projects without analogical methods and the ability to offer services in line with globalization are the aspects that most capture the attention of market analysts and those who want to invest.

In a few years everything will be global, no longer thought of in terms of territory. It is obvious that only those who exploit new technologies and become precursors can aspire to roles of domination.

In the coming decades the great historical reality will be swallowed up by young global realities because they have not been able to innovate in time and to think in global terms.

Smalfiland play its game without reverential fear towards anyone, enabling the Affiliates to own a business reality that will revolutionize the traditional corporate concept of enterprise.


It ‘s time for you to take full awareness of being in the right place at the right time!

colora-il-tuo-futuroBut this will not be enough to achieve your dreams. From here on, you must put your personality, your hunger and your determination to succeed in transforming this project into YOUR project!

I realize that not everyone will have the patience to read these steps and put them into practice.

But as often happens in life messages come only to those who are ready to receive them and are just waiting for one occasion in life.

In this adventure I’ll provide our WOS spaceship, the know how, the Social Network and all my determination to make this project a worldwide reality…. YOU just have to execute a click!

It may sound like science fiction but it is not …

The world of social networks is a boundless ocean and we are only at the beginning of an era. In the future there will be an increase in the possibilities offered by these extraordinary tools to be shared achieving unimaginable results.

If you start to look up BEYOND your limits, you will realize that in our marketing system, the union of each Affiliate Network, in the most literal sense of the term, creates our strength.

The Mission of Smalfiland Market is become a world leader in Online Advertising. It is for this reason that the bigger your Personal Network online, the greater your Company.

As a Founding Member of Smalfiland, your personal Network Online is YOUR company and month after month, year after year, we will ensure that it becomes a ‘valuable organization …


The organization that will emerge from your efforts
will be YOUR company!


A warm greeting from Michele Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland


PS: Do you know any foreign languages?

To leave nothing to chance, every Tuesday at 21:00, we hold a Customer Conference for all Affiliates who want to chat questions or want to be known.

If you know a foreign language and if you have time to attend our online conferences, why not join the Platinum Team to add your something to the cause, because everything will be of benefit to ALL …

  • The bigger we are….
  • The more capital that arrives ….
  • The more global we become… the higher the value of your stake!

This means that the Affiliate should not consider themseves disengaged from one another, but part of a much broader strategy which aims to make the Project Smalfiland a GLOBAL PROJECT.