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Congratulations for choosing to continue reading the Smalfiland Project!
This means you’re a curious person who likes exploring articles. The majority of people instead usually stop there and then trash it.

Of course what you are reading is an extraordinarily ambitious project and is not adapted for light-hearted people. And ‘This is the reason why we do not give out interviews but give out these steps to read. We rely on self-selection …

If you came to read this 3rd step means that you are a person that is close to our ideal. Some will take up the challenge but others will drift away.
Smalfiland works with those who have the perseverance to grow with us …


Your journey of evolution and growth starts here!

To begin your success in Smalfiland first do two simple things:

  1. Activate Robowos to publish your articles;
  2. Be consistant in incorporating and increasing your contacts on social networks.

Over time, these two actions will lead more people to subscribe to Smalfiland through your affiliate links automatically increasing your Social Qualification.

In fact, the Career Plan of Smalfiland is based on the Online Affiliations system according to objective criteria that do not suffer from the “susceptible human logic” and that, instead, favors the rise of those who prove to be more consistent.

Large portals like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, and many others in the world, have built their worldwide success also due to their Affiliate Programs Online.

Even Google, with its advertising service called Google AdSense, is no stranger to the phenomenon of Online affiliations.

In the United States, these systems are used by companies in their financial wizards such as Warren Buffet and Donald Trump and are promoted by big personalities like Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins.

All scholars of marketing strategies and dynamics agree that the system of affiliations can be a commercially devastating method when applied to offering the viable product.
However, to be a good Affiliate Program it is important that companies don’t request money to join, otherwise it is very likely that this is a disguised scam to exploit innocent people. Be aware!


How do Affiliate Programs work?


In essence, the Affiliate programs allows people to promote products and services of other companies on the web and get paid for reporting all successful ransactions.

People joining an affiliate program then receive a percentage of each transaction gone to fruition as a result of its advertising on the internet, without having to worry about anything else.

In practice all an Affiliate Program does is “hijack” Affiliates on that huge mass of money that other companies instead spend for advertising in the traditional way (newspapers, television, radio, flyers, etc.).

When a person registers for an affiliate program, it is assigned an identification number (ID) that appears in a special “affiliate links” with which you can advertise.

Every time that a prospective buyer clicks on that link, the action is logged so that after the purchase, the Company will recognize the Affiliate the commission provided.
The Affiliate Program thus enable a relationship “WIN-WIN” between the supplier of a service and the Affiliates who chooses to promote it.

It is a “WIN-WIN” rapport because BOTH parties win:

  • The affiliate wins because it perceives a percentage of each transaction gone to fruition as a result of its advertising, without having to worry about anything else.
  • The manufacturer wins because it makes more money from purchases by new customers brought by the individual Franchisee, and customers who would never arrive otherwise.


Nothing is perfect, everything can be perfected …


However there is a but …

The sore point of ALL traditional Affiliate Programs is that they do not allow Affiliates to have a good income for the simple reason that they have “limited earnings.”

In theory, the companies promise big earnings but in reality it is not so.

Even if you have a lot of visibility on the web and even if many of your contacts buy something, you have always a likely customer audience limited to a few hundred people. And that is where you stop!

So you pocket some EURO per month but it doesn’t change your life.
Furthermore, the traditional affiliate programs do not allow for advancement within the company you work with.

These limits are not in the Smalfiland career plan instead binds the monthly profits to the Social Qualification members to allow anyone to create an income that grows year after year according to a persistent career development. But you have to be patient!


Smalfiland career plan


The Smalfiland Career Plan and it has developed a model taking the most successful American companies and which is centered on the so-called “Calculation Income Difference” that makes it a much more transparent and meritocratic system.

In practice, Our Career Plan provides for obtaining a “Social Qualification” or level which is aimed at achieving a Certain number of members in their respective teams.
The Qualification is not a promotion in the sense that it does not give one any power of command. In Smalfiland nobody commands anyone.

The Qualification Social accounting alone Degree of commitment in the project and will serve to identify the people who deserve high commissions More and more company shares.

  • We do not WANT to create hierarchies …
  • We do not WANT favoring relatives and friends …
  • We are INTERESTED help you become a successful leader of this company, whoever you are …

It’s called meritocracy and is one of the founding pillars of this project.


In Smalfiland there are no pyramids …
In Smalfiland the student may exceed the teacher …

In the mainstream companies organization charts are structured quite “rigidly”, where two aspiring managers cannot both sit in one chair and above all where there is rarely a career development based on merit and transparency that allows one to understand who is most suitable candidate to sit in that chair .

Those who are already “in the seat” are careful not to favor the rise of a contender from the lower floor. As they say: “mors tua vita mea” (“your death, my life”)

Instead, the Smalfiland Career Plan reverses this concept and makes sure that you grow if you are capable of developing others, allowing even to your student to overtake you in career … but without taking anything away from you.

Yes, if your student passes you in the career plan you do not lose anything that has been previously attributed to you. You do not lose a penny. In this way, the pass occurs without drama and without jealousy.

It simply helps the career of the most determined and consistent individuals while whoever is overtaken will always receive merit and the company shares according to their level of Social Qualification.

Whoever is overtaken is simply stimulated to work harder to regain their positions just as in a game, and with such, the right to receive higher profits and greater corporate shares. If you show your worth, Smalfiland rewards you.


Here’s an example …


The mathematical algorithm that manages the Smalfiland Career Plan has been calibrated to function according to two meritocratic criteria of advancement:

  • Total number of members present in your team at any level;
  • Number and qualifications of the members(subscribers) arrived directly from your links.

In this event, a sort of meritocratic barrier intervenes.

Let’s take an example and consider the position of Team Manager: 30 members (with 4 Guests in parallel)

The number 30 represents the number of subscribers that you must have in your team.

This means that you can have one subscriber and reach 30 people on your team just because of the same operations subsequently carried out by your single subscriber .

To Refrain from exploiting the work of others there is a second requirement to be met, a sort of meritocratic barrier.

The second requirement is indicated in brackets, in this case 4 Guest. This means that besides having a total of 30 subscribers in your team, it is necessary that at least 4 of these people are coming through your affiliate links.

Nothing complicated, the algorithm controls the entire system.

So to achieve the highest Social Qualifications must be constant and be willing to give assistance to your subscribers. Assist means to be available to give clarifications.

We should not insist and we do not convince anyone, but if we find a person who wants to grow within Smalfiland we must know how to help and encourage.

In practice earns positions who helps Affiliates of its Team to grow qualification. In fact Smalfiland grow more if you help others of your team to grow. And ‘the team that wins, not the individual.

These are difficult concepts to understand but which become so simple when you look at the progress of the career of Affiliates within the WOS, in the section Social Skills.
Already today you can see that some Affiliates have lesser status to others, despite having a higher number of members within their organization. In that case the meritocratic barrier activated.

And this is why in Smalfiland the student may exceed the teacher …

  • Those who have a bigger Network Online of subscribers will be able to make more of their trainer because his articles will be read by a much larger audience and will count on a steady flow of new subscribers.
  • Who is good at giving assistance to their members by helping them to obtain higher Social Qualifications will exceed its Trainer with the strength of his commitment, without detracting from the others.


Smalfiland eliminates national frontiers

globo terrestre

To give the maximum impetus to the international development of Smalfiland, the Career Plan is designed to enable Affiliates to easily climb over national fences and spread our project in any country.

Smalfiland is a global project, which is why our Career Plan makes no distinction of nationality nor geographical areas. An Affiliate can enlist subscribers anywhere in the world.

You don’t speak any foreign languages? No problem!
Do not think about your limitations, think only about expanding Your Online Network, more and more. Those who join the Smalfiland Project must worry only about growing their Online Network.

As you well know, Robowos will take care of channeling users to your Affiliate links and then the Follow Up will influence your subscribers to read these same steps translated in their language.

As you see, nothing is left to chance and is for this reason that the Smalfiland Career Plan will be a powerful viral system that will lead us to be known all over the world in a few years.

Internet and new technologies make it an extremely easy task. Through the web, the number of contacts that can be channeled into your team becomes virtually unlimited.

Internet and new communication tools such as Skype, conference calls, forums and social networks are just some of the tools through which we can reach anyone anywhere in the world, in real time and absolutely free.


In this project you will have no limits …


Smalfiland offers many opportunities and without asking anything in return, and in this era this is a positive thing …

You become part of a very special team, where the common goal is to realize a large company in the cutting-edge sectors, helping all those close to us to benefit from the digital world.

In this very simple concept, “helping those around us,” is the key of Your personal success in this venture. The more you are capable and geared to developing others, the more you grow yourself, reaching the economic satisfactions to which you aspire and enjoying the friendship and esteem of the people will have an incentive to work by your side.

In this project you will have no limits. Your results will be directly proportional to the consistency with which you pursue your dream, but especially to your ability to create a cohesive team, able to operate in honesty and transparency.

The award for those who will work in favor of others, for those who are able to be constant over time, for those who can go beyond the small daily problems, is one of the most beautiful areas: economic independence, ie the freedom to choose how to live, where to live and with whom they live their lives.

For some Smalfers the awards will soon be reached. For others, the trip will be longer. But for all the profound joy will be to joining together to build a project that starting from Italy will one day become worldwide.


A warm greeting from Michele Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland