indexAmong all Affiliate Programs in circulation, Smalfiland is certainly the most ethical because it does NOT include any membership costs. The membership fees are used by fraudulent companies to conceal the FORBIDDEN “Ponzi Scheme”.

I recommend you to ALWAYS be aware of affiliate systems where they request money or investments to join. Very often these are scams that only exist for a short time; time enough to collect thousands of membership fees from the very naive.

The Smalfiland Earning plan instead relies SOLELY and EXCLUSIVELY on profits from the sale of online services on which we grant impressive percentages to our Affiliates.

Smalfiland currently provides the following services:

  1. Web Agency and Marketing Consultancy
  2. Sale of Advertising Space on Smalfiland
  3.  Web Marketing Training
  4.  Forex Strategy and Training Provider Smalfiforex

Every month, net of costs, a portion of the revenue from these services is divided amongst our Affiliates according to these percentages:


1. Web Agency and Marketing Consultants
  • 20% Affiliate reporting the customer and creating the customer presence on the social as per instructions received from Trainers Team;
  • 70% to Web Consultant in charge of building or renovating the website of the customer and developing all technical aspects of the contract;
  • 10% in “ADVERTISING BUDGET” for the benefit of all Affiliates who have activated Robowos;


2. Sale of advertising space on Smalfiland
  • 50% Affiliate Team Green on all advertising purchased by their members directly;
  • 25% in “ADVERTISING BUDGET” for the benefit of all Affiliates who have activated Robowos;


3. Web Marketing Training
  • 30% of all the Affiliate Team Green membership purchased by their members directly;
  • 10% of the membership in the “BUDGET ADVERTISING” for the benefit of all Affiliates who have activated Robowos;


4. Forex Strategy and Training Provider Smalfiforex
  • 45% Affiliate member of the Green Team on group courses;
  • 45% Affiliate Trainer Smalfiforex on individual courses;
  • 10% of the training courses in “ADVERTISING BUDGET” for the benefit of all Affiliates who have activated Robowos;
  •  50% of the Strategy PAMM Provider service “ADVERTISING BUDGET” for the benefit of all Affiliates who have activated Robowos;

NB: All percentages are to be understood as net of VAT and PayPal costs.

To maximize the transparency of the Earning Plan and all our affiliate system, each month the Green Team Group publishes a summary table of the turnover produced by Smalfiland.

Given that many members of the Green Team have direct access to sites and platforms are managed earnings, they can easily compare the actual figures with those published in the statements.

Therefore, if you would like more details on the monthly turnover produced by Smalfiland and the percentage actually included in account statements, you can ask for more information to any member of our Green



What is it and how does the “ADVERTISING BUDGET” function?

What is it and how does the “ADVERTISING BUDGET” function?
In addition to commissions for services provided in person as in the case of consultants or trainers, all of our Affiliates also receive a “meritocratic allowance” calculated on the total turnover of each month it goes to a fund common fund..

This cash fund is called the “ADVERTISING BUDGET” and into this merges the following percentages deriving from the entire turnover achieved by our company in any country of the world, without territorial limits:

  • 10% of total sales of the Web Agency;
  • 25% of all Advertisements;
  • 10% for Team Green Membership;
  • 10% on Smalfiforex Training Courses;
  • 50% on Strategy PAMM Provider service performed on behalf of the Company’s International Investment;

They are entitled to receive the pension of the meritocratic “ADVERTISING BUDGET” all Affiliates with active Robowos.

renditaIn fact, every month, “ADVERTISING BUDGET” is divided among all the Affiliate according to two extremely meritocratic criteria: Social Qualification (or level) and the Quality Score accrued during the month.

To understand the splitting criterion of “ADVERTISING BUDGET” you need to understand the operation of the following three algorithms:

  1. Each month, the amount allocated for “ADVERTISING BUDGET” is divided by the existing qualifications to determine the Qualification share;
  2. This share is divided by the total quality score of each Social Qualification to locate the coefficient quality;
  3. The coefficient quality of each qualification is then multiplied by your own Quality Score.
  4. The end result is equivalent to your allowance for that month.

It sounds complicated but it is not … In fact, in time you will be able to understand the simplicity and appreciate the transparency and meritocracy.


What do you have to look at in particular?

We are building a unique online marketing strategy to enter a market that is globally 120 BILLION dollars annually and growing at a dizzying pace unstoppable.

One in which we are moving is a market that has no limits. And ‘the Online Advertising Market …

To make you understand the magnitude of this huge market, carry a brief excerpt of an article that appeared recently on the popular business daily “Il Sole 24 Ore”:


IL SOLE 24 ORE: “Facebook goes beyond expectations: bundles of profits and giant leaps in advertising. The share price soars in the stock exchange.”

Masses of profits for Facebook, showing accounts far exceeding expectations.

The social network closed the fourth quarter with a net profit rocketing to 523 million dollars compared to $ 64 million in the same period last year. Revenue rose to 2.59 billion dollars, an increase of 63% compared to 2012.

The big pull is the advertising: advertising revenues have in fact grown by 76% to 2.34 billion dollars, with advertising on mobile devices accounting for 53% of the total. The entire accounts of 2013 confirm the breakthrough of Facebook.

The net profit amounted to 1.50 billion dollars on revenues of 7.87 billion dollars, an increase of 55% compared to 2012. The sky high accounts are the gift that Facebook are enjoying for its first ten years, which will be celebrated next month

The company, after the initial difficulties, took off: the shares rose by 75% in 2013 and Facebook became one of the youngest companies to enter the S & P 500. “



ID-100129201Here we are talking about economic data referring to a single year. We are talking about 7.87 billion in revenue and $ 1.5 billion in profits in just a single year!

If we can imagine that in 2011 and 2012 Facebook’s advertising revenue were respectively 3.7 and 5 billion dollars, you can easily figure out what the extraordinary growth rate that the field of Online Advertising is experiencing.

Just imagine if a good part of this huge turnover, rather than enrich only one person, was added to our “ADVERTISING BUDGET” for the benefit of all Affiliates in relation to ones Social Qualification of each of us …

In 2013, Facebook has reached the stratospheric figure of 7.87 billion dollars in revenue. However if Facebook were Smalfiland, 25% of the advertising revenues would have been deposited into our common fund.

We are thus speaking of almost ONE BILLION dollars in “ADVERTISING BUDGET” for the benefit of all!. About 83 millions a month, divided by 11 Social Qualifications, would be about 7.5 million allocated to each category of social qualification every month …

To understand this project you must not look at your first statement. You must instead look to the future and imagine being with us even in 10 years and calculate your pension on a meritocratic “ADVERTISING BUDGET” of hundreds of millions every month.


We are destined to make history in the Social Networks

The Web is the new world of advertising and is quickly draining capital and resources to those that were once the undisputed protagonists of this industry, namely TV and newspapers to which the Web is definitely an alternative.

Unlike TV and newspapers, the Web makes it possible to create interaction between sellers and buyers leading the latter to execute purchases with a single click. Neither TV nor newspapers have this power.

In Smalfiland, in the most literal sense of the word, unity is strength. Our Mission is to become an ambitious Global Market Leader in the advertising industry, in the creation and distribution of online services.

Smalfiland plays its game in awe of no-one. Smalfers are to be architects of their own destiny, proponents of a colossal enterprise intended to subvert the new-tech world.

An Organization of active Online Affiliates, once built, is the perfect tool to dominate the Web in their business sector and position itself on the market with a force that other advertising channels do not have.

In Italy we are present like no other on the most powerful Social Networks. Now we have to replicate the same system in other countries to make Smalfiland a Global force.

In your WOS, in the Online Network section, you can, in real time, see the numbers that everyone is creating as individuals and the force that together we can express totally.

It is obvious that more the total number of our online contacts grow, the more our ability will increase to penetrate the market with strategies that other marketers do not even dream of.

Your commitment, as in our commitment must be to increase the Online Network day by day, month after month, year after year, and doing so you have a powerful and unattainable industry in advertising.


We both make a commitment …

risparmio-in-casa-2My personal commitment is to bring the turnover and profits of Smalfiland to the same level as Facebook within 10 years …

You take a commitment with yourself and decide what percentage you aspire to get from the “ADVERTISING BUDGET” in the coming years. It depends solely on you.

In all your life NEVER will you witness the birth of a social network that distributes part of its turnover to all its Affiliates and probably NEVER will you be among the first to have joined such, this is a one-off chance …

I hope that this message will help you to understand the deeper meaning of what I want to convey – my most intimate and profound conviction that Smalfiland is destined to make history in the social networks.


A warm greeting from Michele Santise
President amd Founder Smalfiland