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Smalfiland is a Social Network that recognizes a “merit-earning” to all of its Affiliates.

So to receive your statement, it is not enough to be a member of Smalfiland but you also have to become an Affiliate by activating the WOS (Web Office Smalfiland)

Only after you have activated your WOS Smalfiland and become an Affiliate, will you receive the merit-based allowance each month according to your personal commitment.

The WOS is a real “online office” that will allow you to stay updated on the development of your business and to quickly increase your Social Qualification.

To activate your WOS you need to follow a few simple steps:


1. Click on the button “Activate WOS”

After you log into Smalfiland, click on the button “Activate WOS” that you find at the top right. This will open a page with the customary Affiliate Regulations that, after reading, you will need to accept by clicking on “I agree to the rules.”


2. Fill out the “PRINCIPAL DATA”

Having accepted the Rules Affiliate will need to enter your information in the Affiliate Profile that you must fill in every part.

Fill in the box “Company” only if you are registering a company.

It ‘important to include a copy of your identity document Smalfiland because we can not pay money to anonymous people. Remember to attach both the front and the back of your identity document. Each annex should not exceed the maximum size of 1 MB of space.


3. Fill out the ” SOCIAL PROFILES “

In this section you can enter the link of your Facebook profile, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+. If you do not have a profile on one of these 4 Social Network, you can leave field blank and fill it in later. In the next step we will explain how to create profiles on social networks on which you are not yet present.



In these sections it is important to include as much data as possible because they serve the Accounting Office for the compilation of the receipts of the commission which will eventually be paid you.

Also, if you include your paypal email we will pay you for your statement. However if you do not have a Pay Pal account still enter your best email. You will be able to create a free Pay Pal profile at a later time. Remember that Smalfiland release payments when you reach 50 Euro in commissions. This means that you’ll get what you deserve when this threshold is reached.

Finally add a picture of yourself from a file on your PC by clicking on “” Browse “



5. Save your changes to your profile


After checking the items’ Privacy Policy and Conditions of Use “and” Rules of Affiliation “click on the CONFIRM button.

Within a few hours, after making the checks of the data and of the documents, we will activate your WOS and you’ll receive a notice by email. Afterwards we will send other emails to help you continue your experience in Smalfiland.

At this point, to get into your WOS you just get back on Smalfiland and click on “Access the WOS” that you can find at the top right.


Warm greetings from Michael Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland