In WOS you find some tools that are designed to work in synergy to power an endless circuit that will serve to spread our Project on the network with an unstoppable viral strength.

Here is a brief description of the WOS and its special tools:



The Online Network represents “our audience” or the union of the online contacts for all Affiliates Smalfiland.

In this table you can see the numbers that everyone is able to express as a single and strength that together we can express total. And ‘necessary that you too will help to exaggerate this impressive tool combining ideally your contacts to those of thousands of other Affiliates worldwide.

Be present in the Online Network means having the right to get the shares held by Smalfiland and to perceive the pension merit in relation to the Quality Score matured at the end of the month.

The Quality Score is the criterion that allows you to be paid monthly and is given by the number of articles that are published by Robowos on your message boards throughout the month with a maximum of one article per day according to the following score:

  • Google+ = 7 points
  • Twitter = 3 points
  • Linkedin = 5 points
  • Facebook = 7 points
  • Green Team = 100% bonus on the total score.


To enter our Online Network you need to click on each of the small icons to also aggregate your contacts. The first time you give permission to aggregate your numbers, after a few hours, your name will appear in the Online Network and Robowos start publishing on your message boards.

After a few hours, you can check for the presence of your name by clicking on the “F3” key on your keyboard, or use CTRL + F (or combination CMD + F for Mac users) and enter your name in the search window.

Numbers Potential of your Network Online Numbers only become Real if Robowos public at least one article per month on your message boards. Remember that Google+ does not allow you to automatically publish Robowos and you need to publish articles manually.

Remember to update the numbers of your Network Online by midnight of the last day of the month to increase the Quality Score before the publication of the extract monthly statement.


Robowos is an amazing software platform that allows each of us to have a personal blog with pre-compiled items that are automatically shared on all major Social Network in the world.

Without you having to have the slightest experience in marketing or programming, by activating Robowos you begin to use your blog professionally and automatically so as to increase the number of your subscribers on Smalfiland.

By clicking the icons on the Social Networks you can give permission to link your profiles to Robowos. If the color of the small icons is faded means that your profiles are not yet activated and connected. As soon as your name appears in the Network Online, Robowos will be activated automatically and will start publishing in sequence, the items in these amounts :

  • Facebook: 1 item per day
  • Twitter: 4 articles a day
  • Linkedin: 4 articles a day
  • Google+: Publication Manual

All you have to do is activate Robowos to have a constant presence on social networks for life. Your articles will be published and relayed in industrial quantities even while you are busy carrying out your other daily activities.

In the Robowos Section there are two buttons:

    Which contains all the items that will be published, in rotation, on your message boards from the moment you give permission. Remember that Google+ does not allow you to automatically publish Robowos so you have to manually edit the articles by clicking on the “g + share” to be found at the top left in each article. Just publish only one a day to gain 7 points multiplied by the number of all your contacts in Google+.

    As Robowos publishes articles on your message boards, they are inserted in the list of articles published and you can check the date and time. Remember that if the items are not in this list is likely that your Robowos is still idle, or that your social profiles are set to private so Robowos is unable to authenticate the publication of the articles.


The Smalfiland Career Plan provides for the production of a particular Social qualification upon reaching a certain number of members within ones team, according to established criteria and as described in Step 3.

In the Social Qualifications page you can check the level reached by each Affiliate and the number of members present in their respective teams. Alongside the photographs of Affiliates also find the small icons of social profiles to connect with each other anywhere in the world.


The Affiliations Centre is the section where you can check in real time the development of your organization within Smalfiland and consists of three areas:

  1. REGULATION OF AFFILIATION, where you can observe the Affiliate Rules. Any amendment or supplement to the Regulations will be published in real time so you can see it immediately.
  2. DIRECT YOUR AFFILIATES, where there is a complete list of your Direct Affiliates and their Social Skills. The list is updated in real time with every new entry. We recommend you visit this list often to better understand the evolution of your Social Qualification under the Plan of the Smalfiland career.
  3. YOUR ORGANIZATION, is where you can inspect your entire organization up to the 3rd level. Next to each name also there is also email address to contact your network at any time.



In this section you can check your earnings in real time. Remember that the earnings you are accredited each month “APPROVED” must reach the minimum amount of 50 Euro to be paid “PAYED” by sending the amount to your PayPal account. In this section you can find 4 types of earnings:

  1. MERITOCRATIC ANNUITY, where each month your share of pension merit is entered, based on the “ADVERTISING BUDGET” that is divided among all Affiliates.
  2. TEAM GREEN TRAINING, in which are placed the earnings coming from your direct affiliates who joined the Membership of Green Team Smalfiland.
  3. ADVERTISEMENTS, in which are placed the earnings from the advertising purchased by your direct subscribers.
  4. SMALFIFOREX COURSES, in which are placed your earnings for the sale of Smalfiforex courses.

Remember that the earnings related to the Training Team Green, the Ads Advertising and Smalfiforex courses are reserved to Affiliates of the Green Team.



In this section you can find your invitation link to Smalfiland you can use to invite people you know directly. If you want to limit yourself to only use Robowos remember that each item is already inclusive of your affiliate links and you do not need to do anything else.

In addition, this section also indicates the sales links of Smalfiforex Courses that we recommend that you use only if you are part of the Green Team, and you are participating in related training conferences.


In this section you can check your monthly statements. Remember that the meritocratic allowance is recognized based on the Quality Score photographed on last day of the month and according to this criterion:

  1. Each month, the amount allocated for “ADVERTISING BUDGET” is divided by the existing qualifications to determine the Qualification Quote;
  2. This Qualification Quote is divided by the total quality score of each Social Qualification to find the Quality Coefficient;
  3. The Quality Coefficient of each qualification is then multiplied by your own Quality Score.
  4. The end result is equivalent to your allowance for that month.



The Green Team Smalfiland is a unique, powerful and granitic range of “Digital Brains” involved in an extraordinary Corporate Project reserved for people sharing a passion for the Web and one great vision. This special Team are receives some particular benefits including:

  • Assign new members with a Forced Matrix
  • Bonus Score Quality 100%
  • More Direct Earnings,
  • Free Course Smalfiforex
  • Registered Access to the Training Area
  • Confidential Conferences and possility to access the Platinum Team



Warm greetings from Michael Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland