With this step Social Media Marketing and its multiple applications the discovery unfolds. We use Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Smalfiland and many others, not that well known in Italy but very much used abroad.

We start with the most powerful communication tool for professionals.

Every day on Linkedin, all over the world, millions of professionals exchange contacts, proposals, opinions, ideas and business opportunities and work.

Linkedin is a social network where you can meet and spend time with friends, those who use Linkedin are professionals who exchange useful contacts in their own niche of reference.

One of the first results that are noticed by those who put their names on Google is their Linkedin profile. The more it is complete and professionally configured, the more the opportunities that will arise as a result of such.

A professional worthy of his or her name can not do without having a complete and fully updated Linkedin profile.


Sign up and complete your profile 100%

To subscribe, go and fill in the relevant registration form by entering all the data as requested. In particular, creating a profile Linkedin by entering these items:

  • Qualification: Social Media Manager

  • Sector: Marketing and Advertising

Next, consent to adding your best email address and also allowing the importation of your mailing list from your email account. This will allow you to invite all your friends to your Linkedin profile should you desire.

The next step is to allow the sharing of your profile on Facebook and Twitter. Choose the basic option (for free) and you’re on your new professional Linkedin profile.

Take a few minutes of your time to take your full profile to 100%, and place special attention to the compilation of the “Professional Journey and Academic Summary.”

The content of this section is the first thing the visitors to your profile will read and is therefore an excellent showcase.

Showcasing serves the purpose of attracting attention, it is important to put in a message that immediately captures the visitor’s attention.

You have just a few seconds to capture the reader’s curiosity and convince him or her that you could be useful to him as a professional contact. Use this message:



I am a Social Manager Smalfiland

Smalfiland is a new social network that trains you, pays you and where you have Ownership.

  1. Smalfiland provides training, since all our members can attend free online courses to become Programmers, Web Masters, Marketing Consultants, Creative Digital Technicians and much more …

  2. Smalfiland, each month pays you a proportion of the turnover which is divided amongst all Affiliates based on the Social Qualification of each;

  3. Smalfiland is the Social Network of which you have ownership because 45% of shares are owned by all of the Affiliates in proportion to the “Qualification Social” that you are able reach.



NOTE: Do not forget to insert your Affiliate Links.

If you like, you may add files or links to your liking in the bottom of the list.

If you like, you may add files or links to your liking in the bottom of the list.

After setting the “list” dedicate your time to the completion of your profile by following the recommended steps of Linkedin to make it 100% complete. In particular:

  • Upload your past experiences;

  • Enter the words Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Marketing, Advertising, etc. between the skills and experience to be present in the internal search results Linkedin;

  • Please enter your training;

  • Include your photos (without a photo profile is of little or no use at all).

If you have not already done so during the signing up, enter your email address book by importing it directly from your Linkedin profile.

In the Linkedin home page at the top called a key to the right is “add links”, clicking opens a window from which you can invite all your friends in your email account.


Start building your network of contacts

As you will be able to figure out in the next step, it is crucial that you gradually increase your Online Network.

You must get used to seeing your personal network of connections on the major social networks as your audience.

After opening your Linkedin profile and rendering them attractive to those who visit, you have to dedicate yourself to the creation of your network of LinkedIn contacts.

In this step you’ll see how easy it is to reach the first 500 Linkedin contacts and to go much further, coming into contact with thousands of potential partners all over the world without any effort and also without spending anything.

Linkedin is a social network that lends itself like no other to the need to increasing the number of contacts in your field of expertise.

Allow advice from Linkedin. On the home page there is a box at the top right, called “People You May Know.”

Clicking on the “view all” to open a page where Linkedin will suggest links that you might find useful based on your personal profile content.

In the list of possible contacts that Linkedin proposes, you can choose your Target.

To add a new shortcut you just click “connected” and that’s it. If you have a complete profile, most of the requests are successful.

Whoever is on Linkedin seeks new professional contacts and thus have no reason not to accept a new professional link. You’ll only have to wait to receive the approval.

If in these early days you have a good job on Linkedin, it is likely to have your account blocked tempoarily. This is in order to limit your excessive demands of links.

You can request the release it directly by clicking on this link: and click on “try to cancel it by yourself.”

Alternatively, you can wait for LinkedIn unblocking it after a few days. The interest of a Social Network is the promotion of relationships, not blocking them …

The mission of LinkedIn is to connect professionals from around the world to make them more productive and successful. And ‘why Linkedin today has over 200 MILLION members. A real sea of potential.

The important thing is to make a steady daily work without overdoing it and you’ll see that your Network will increase from day to day without much effort. You know … it’s the consistency that brings important results.


How to quickly increase your Linkedin contacts

It is possible that Linkedin requires you to enter the mail address of the contact you want to connect, or you may require other information to verify that you really know that person, unless you do not go on the 2nd level contacts

If you see the profile of one of your contacts, you can also see the number of his personal top-level connections that meet your second-level contacts.

Clicking on the little number of his/her FIRST LEVEL contacts therefore the list of his/her SECOND LEVEL contacts appear which Linkedin allows you to connect with without much formality.

Just click on the “connect” icon located next to the people who have an affinity with our sector and it opens a window where you can enter a short message as such: “Hello, I would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”

This is the easiest and fastest way to get to have thousands of contacts that have the same interests and therefore may be interested in your projects..

As you increase your Linkedin contacts is absolutely necessary to create groups of up to 50 members that can later be managed simply and effectively.


Planning Your Network of Contacts

Linkedin is a great tool to help you organize your contacts. It allows us to order our links into the categories of belonging, by assigning a TAG (label to each contact).

You can organize TAG based on categories and create up to 200 different groups.

The important thing is that each group has at most 50 members and that they are all people who have affinity with a particular target category.

We go into detail:

On the main page of Linkedin, at the top, you can find the “My Network” and subheading “Connections”

By clicking on “Links” page you will appear with all of your contacts organized by alphabetical order and on the left will appear a series of items (TAGS).

These TAGS can be added or deleted by us at will.

Begin removing those that are already present in order to create the groups with the TAG of your choice.

In the left window next to the TAG entry you can click on the “manage” and you can delete TAG already inserted by Linkedin clicking on each item.

Then you can create groups with TAG decided by you. In this way you can add up to 200 different categories. The important thing is that each new group does not exceed 50 members.

This little trick will allow you to send a message simultaneously to all the contacts of a particular group without losing control of sent messages.

Then you just go back on the left menu, click on the tag “untagged” and it will open the list of all our contacts that are not assigned to a group.

Then click on the first 50 links related to the TAG target and go on “tags” in the upper right, check the TAG item you want and save.

Now you’ve created your first group. Next, you just need to go ahead with the second TAG group and so on.

At the end you will have many groups of 50 people each, that you can manage in a simple, professional and effective way, avoiding forwarding the same messages to the same people.

To avoid entering the same people in several groups remember to click on the “no tag” on the left and search contacts directly from the list that appears

In this way you will ensure that a person can not be present in more groups avoiding sending duplicate messages. We must carry out Marketing and NOT spam.

Before forming another new group we recommend that you update the page because older links you have chosen, will still appear. To do this simply go to the home page and return back to the links.


Begin to contact your Social Network

So far we’ve suggested as quickly increase your connections on LinkedIn and how to organize them into groups through the TAG to manage them in a simple, fast and effective. Now let’s move on …

Clicking on each group present in the TAG menu all members of that group will appear on the left, in the middle of the page, and the right side will show the number of contacts.

It is mportant that each group have no more than 50 members because Linkedin allows us to send up to 50 messages at a time.

On the right side there is also the “send message”.

By clicking on this entry Linkedin plugs directly into the 50 members of the group in the address component and allows you, with a single click, to send a single message to all.

Before sending the message you MUST ABSOLUTELY REMOVE the check mark from the box labelled: “Allow recipients to view the names and email addresses of the other recipients.”

If you leave the check mark everyone will see that this is a message sent to other 50 people, while removing it seems rather personal, it is far more pleasing than just a collective message.

The Social Media Marketing is a serious work … It does not take much time to do marketing effectively but you have to be organized, with an agenda and follow a certain well-rehearsed path.


Linkedin in English … Open yourself to the world!

If you have started to take shortcuts, you may have noticed that Linkedin increasingly advises foreign connections. This is a huge opportunity to enlarge your network abroad.

To internationalize our company and be screened to global market we can not, therefore, do without our Linkedin profile in English.

As you will come to understand later, Italy is an insignificant and MISCROSCOPIC slice of this huge global market and that is why we should make a Linkedin profile in English or other language.

You don’t speak english?

Do not think about your limits and do not make excuses for “don’ts”, think only of enlarging Your Online Network, more and more …

Smalfiland is the place where to help and be helped. Without limits, without envy between members and without reservation. From here on, we’ll help you feel you are a protagonist in a globalized world, and not limiting ourselves.

You can translate your main profile in other languages ​​by clicking on “Profile – Edit Profile” and then on the ARROW next to “Profile Display” button and select “Create a profile in another language”.

Select the language and enter the professional title, click on “Create Profile” and you will be sent to your new english or foreign language profile. At this point you just simply insert the heading “Summary” in another language.

You’ll then have two different profiles, one in Italian and one in English that you can modify to your liking from the button “Profile – Edit Profile” and clicking on the drop down menu on the “Profile: Italian / English”.

You can create as many profiles in other languages ​​as many languages ​​are available on Linkedin. This way the visitor will see among your profile what is compatible with the language of his or her profile.

This means that if your profile is visited by an Englishman, your English profile appears, if your profile is visited by a Frenchwoman, your profile will appear in French language and so on …

So, from now on you you can use Linkedin to open yourself to the world without any language barriers, without limits of space and above all, no time limit.

As you can see, Linkedin seems the perfect platform for creating our worldwide project. A huge mine in which you can find hundreds of thousands of connections and also possible partners.

The world of social networks is a boundless ocean and we are only at the beginning of an era. In the future, possibilities will be increased, offered by these extraordinary tools we share in order to achieve unimaginable results.

Remember that a Network Online, once built, is the perfect tool to dominate the web in ones field of expertise and position oneself on the market with a force that other advertising channels can only dream of doing.

A warm greeting from Michael Santise
President and Founder of Smalfiland


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