alltwitter-twitter-bird-logo-white-on-blue_1With this step begins the discovery of Twitter and you’ll see how to measure the power that social media marketing can express in order to penetrate the market with a force that no other form of advertising has.

With this step you will learn how to use Twitter like no other, making it more simple, powerful and effective than Linkedin and making it an exceptional marketing tool perfectly shaped to your needs.

It is not easy to be “noticed” on Twitter because you risk being sucked into a vortex of tweets, followers and following. If you do not have a real marketing strategy has become very difficult soar above the competition and be recognized.

But we of Smalfiland are not short of ideas out here …


In marketing in general and especially in Social Media Marketing, to be really effective it is necessary that the brand and a message remain imprinted in the minds of the Prospect (potential customers).

And ‘This very simple goal of advertising. Whether it is beautiful or not, it does not matter, to be effective we must bring a message, along with the brand, that remain in the Prospects mind until it becomes familiar.

On Twitter this result is even more difficult to achieve. To avoid being overwhelmed by thousands of tweets that are written every day, we will use a unique business strategy slavishly followed by all Social Managers.

Twitter travels at the speed of microinformation. Whoever is watching your news stream at home, only reads 10% of tweets that pass before his or her eyes.

We will rise above the competition only if we succeed in writing creative tweets that are recognizable and always present at any time of day or night so that one message … strong, clear and direct, gets through this:


Smalfiland the Social network … that pays you and where you become an owner!


Sign up and enhance Brand and Message

Obviously you start from the signing up. By clicking on a registration form appears. Then you enter your name, your primary email and password.

Then it will open a second card that summarizes your information. Before accepting, you can put your full name in the “choose your user name” so that it appears under the word TUONOME SMALFILAND.

Then confirm your subscription, go to your email box to click on the confirmation email and you’re immediately on your new profile Twitter!

You should receive a message that Twitter urges you to follow people as possible. Follow this advice and give yourself an easy target: 50 people per day. To follow 50 people a day are enough 50 seconds – about 50 clicks!


How do I do it and who should I follow?

Whenever you follow a person, Twitter will send a notification in the mail about your new Following (people you follow). This is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of our brand and let our message.

You have a few seconds to capture the attention of the reader and that is why the message should be “be photographed.” So before you begin, set up the account in order to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

As mentioned, our marketing strategy is, that all our Following read only two things: the brand and the message that accompanies it. Then go on your profile home page and click on “Edit Profile.”

Under the written FORUMNAME SMALFILAND you need to enter our common advertising message:


Smalfiland the Social network … that pays you and where you become an owner!


This is exactly the message that those who decide to follow you, will receive in their inbox. (that is your Following).

Ricordati di inserire il tuo link di invito in modo che il visitatore possa iscriversi a Smalfiland usando il tuo link Affiliato.


But who must we follow?

The questions you should always ask yourself a Marketing Expert 2 are:

  1. What is my Target?
  2. How do I get it?

You must then identify a “category” of people interested in your field of activity and then find a way to intercept them through social networks or any other suitable tool.

You can find your target on the basis of what they do (thus individuate the category) or based on what they want (individuate their interest).

  • By Category: For example, if your Target is represented by “farming” you can find them on the inside of Twitter search engine.
    In this way you’re able to just catch your target. Just follow them and automatically send a Twitter notification on their inbox. With one click receive your “business card”.
    This simple gesture, done with criteria and consistency, will help you get publicity and to create your own Social Network also on Twitter.
    And in fact it is likely that some of them will, in turn, become your Followers and can then see your posts in their stream and that is enough to bring traffic to your page.
  • By Interest: For example, if your Target is represented by people interested in marketing or trading or litterature, it’s easy to find them as followers, or people that follow, marketing experts, trading or dealing with profile literature.
    In this case, however, do not worry about following the Marketing Experts, Trading or the “writers” … but their followers.

In our case, our potential members are people interested in the new opportunities, just like pretty much everyone. But if you have to choose a category, you should use people interested in Marketing.

These potential subscribers, in thousands, you can find them on Twitter as followers, or people who follow the most famous experts of worldwide marketing.

We therefore do not care to follow Marketers experts, but their followers.

In this way we can hit our target. Just follow them and automatically send a Twitter notification on their inbox. With one click receive your “business card”(invitation).

This simple gesture, done by all of us with common sense and perseverance, will create interest in the “Project Smalfiland” and this will be enough to bring traffic to your page by invitation, and then in your Network Online.

The greater the number of our Following, the greater the interest in what we do and the more members in Smalfiland. As you can see the circle always closes!


Let’s do it in practice

To intercept our ideal target, or those who are interested, for example in “Marketing” simply open the profile of a well-known marketing expert and follow his Followers.

Go then in the white field of the internal search engine of Twitter in the top right corner and enter one of the following words: “Marketing, Web Marketing, Internet Marketing,” and similar words.

You will see a drop down menu at the bottom in which is written “Search all the people …”, click and you will get an endless list of experts in Marketing.

Then choose one of these experts and enters the profile of whoever has at least a few thousand followers. After logging in, click on the number of his/her followers and you will be projected on an ocean of potential subscribers.

Take 50 seconds of your time to click 50 profiles. Close the PC and note in your agenda that you have to do it every day. Marketing is a slow persuasion work, so do not rush.

You reach your destination only in conjunction with all of us. Imagine 1000 Smalfers who do this every single day for a whole year … 18.25 million people will be reached by the exact message.


And if Smalfers were 10,000? And if instead of 1 year, it becomes 5?


What use is the hashtag (#)?

The word is derived from the hash (hash) and tags (label).

Hashtags are used primarily as tools to enable web users to find more easily an attached message to a specific topic and join the discussion.

They also serve to encourage you to join the discussion on a topic and noting it as interesting. Basically they are the labels that serve to categorize all messages with the same keyword.

Messages with the same keyword, from anywhere in the world they come from, are conveyed in one place. Just type, for example #WorldCupFootball for all tweets with this keyword.

This way you can easily find out the latest trends and themes of Twitter Trending Topics that are the most used keywords in the messages at a given time of the day.

The most used hashtags can be viewed in the left bar of your Twitter page, and indicate exactly where the world is looking at a specific time. You can also make local, national or global research.


Start tweeting!

The secret to getting noticed is tweeting in MASS quantities. Do not believe those who say that on Twitter you should not post too much information because you could annoy your followers.

On average each of us follows more than 500 people and the stream from your home goes so fast that even if your Following (people you follow) twittered every 10 minutes would still struggle to notice their presence.

So, until our followers notice our Brand and our message, it is necessary to be permanently present at any time of day or night …

With this we are not asking you to devote the entire day to Twitter … Remember that Robowos works for you!


A warm greeting from Michael Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland


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