ImmagineWith this step we are going to discover the most powerful of the Social Network, an exceptional tool for sharing still little known but destined to be the greatest … GOOGLE +.

Google+ is the best tool for sharing because it manages to bring together the best features of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in one social platform, and is more intuitive and thus easier to use. It is no coincidence that just one Google share is listed at almost $900!

To access Google+ all you need is a Gmail account. An account of GMAIL mail is advisable since it offers absolutely the best service.<)p>

If you enter your email GMAIL account, top right you can find a button with all applications. Just click on G+ and you’re also automatically on the Google Social Network or Google+.


Start with your presentation

After you have entered, click on the “Home” and a drop down menu will appear, then click on “profile.” Then you have to click on the top of “information” and you have to insert two small content in the right box entitled “history”.

To do so, click on the “edit” button and insert the following contents:



In the “motto” box: Smalfiland … the Social Network that pays you, trains you and where you have ownership!

In the “presentation” box:

I am a Social Manager of Smalfiland.

Smalfiland is the new Social Network that pays you, trains you and where you have ownership!

  1. Smalfiland provides you with training because all our members can attend free online courses to become Programmers, Web Master, Marketing Consultants, Creative Digital Technicians and much more …
  2. Smalfiland pays out, because each month you paid a proportion of the turnover that is divided between all Affiliates based on their Social “qualification” ;
  3. Smalfiland is the Social Network in which you have ownership because the 45% of shares are owned by all of the Affiliates in proportion to the “Social Qualification ” that you manage to achieve.

In essence we are building a social network of our own to benefit from the earnings from the Online Advertising and market value that this social will have in the future.

Currently we are strongly committed to worldwide expansion … do not waste this opportunity of subscribing to Smalfiland and enable Robowos to quickly increase your Social Qualification. REMEMBER – EVERYTHING IS FREE!




ATTENTION: Do not forget to include your affiliate links.

This way you will have prepared your business card for anyone you invite to join your circles. The motto and the presentation are in fact the first news that will read those who receive an email invitation.


Now “individuate” your target

In Google+ are the “circles” that, just to clarify correspond to LinkedIn TAGs. Compared to TAGs, Google+ circles are much easier to form and manage.

If you click on “Home” and then go to “People”, you will see a new page with a top menu. Among the items on this menu you can find “your circles” at the top, on the right side.

By clicking on “your circles”, a screen appears. In the bottom left corner you can find a circle with a +, just click on it to create a new circle that you can call “Marketing 1”.

It will be sufficient to enter those affiliates of your target sector because these are notified directly by seeing your motto/slogan and your presentation, as happens with Twitter when you follow someone.

At this point you can start creating circles of Marketing and fill them by intercepting the “Target Marketing.” In the coming days, months and years will be able to create “Marketing2”, “Marketing3” and so on …


Where do you find your target?

The questions you should always ask yourself a Marketing expert are 2:

  1. What is my Target?
  2. How do I intercept the target?

You must then identify a “category” of people who are interested in your field or sector and then find a way to intercept them through social networking or any other suitable tool.

You can find your target on the basis of what they do (that is, the individuals category) or based on what they want (ie individuals interests).

If you are looking for those who have common interests in your fields, on Google+, you only have one place to go and intercept. Your Target is precisely the one you find, by entering the category in the search engine box at the top.

Another way of searching your target is to use the Community that deals with the fields you are looking for. Go then to Homepage Google+ and enter the community you desire.

If you enter the word that identifies your target in the search engine of the community you will see hundreds of community with thousands and thousands of members.

Just sign up to the community, and so click on the number indicating members and you will open a boundless sea of contacts. Thus you can start creating your circles from 50 people.

These Google+ communities are outstanding tools for marketing. You can get in without asking anyone’s permission and invite people from your circles, or post the links to your article.


Start sharing your content on Google+

While the Robowos starts operating also for Google+, as you create your circles, you can dedicate yourself to sharing your articles on Google+, just as you do with the other social networks using Robowos.

Just click on the upper left in the box that says “what’s new?” “what would you like to say?” for example, and enter your article link that you can copy or publish directly from Robowos.

After entering the link of your article you have to click on “Add names, circles, or email addresses.” At this point Google will indicate you to enter the circle you want to share your post. ONLY Click on two items:

  1. Public to be seen from all of your circles;
  2. Extended circles to be seen from all of your circles, and from all the people in their circles.

For the moment, limit yourself to share in “public” and “extended circles” WITHOUT selecting any particular circle.

To publish in the community instead of your interest just go to “Home” and click on “Community.” It then searches for the one that best suits your target and publishes your content.


A warm greeting from Michael Santise
President and Founder Smalfiland


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